Online Application Feedback

Kindly use this feedback form to indicate how you experienced the online process or if you encountered any problems or errors. In order for us to assist with the error you encountered, the following information is required:

  1. What did you enter/capture or at which phase/screen were you on when the error occurred (Example: Disability form - capturing type of disability and when I tabbed to go to the next block, the system closed and gave an error message),
  2. Description of the error encountered (Example: getting a blank page after submission when capturing school details)
  3. Copy of the date stamp found top, left of the error message (Example; 10:55:08 on 18-05-2015)
  4. Type of browser and version used (Example: Firefox V3, Internet Explorer V9, Google Chrome V11)
  5. Type of device used (Example: Laptop, Desktop, iPad, Smart Phone, etc)